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  • Native Name: Aotearoa
  • Local Greeting: Kia Ora
  • English Name: New Zealand
  • Area: 104,454 sq mi
  • Population: 3,420,000
  • Longhouse Number: 2
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: May 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Standard, Lagoon, Theme Park
  • Close to: Luau cove, marina, and Great Ceremonial House

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 1210, 2221, 2228

Tub Rails 1221, 1222, 3206

Aotearoa is a favorite longhouse of many. On the one side is one of the best Standard view areas on property with the monorail gliding by your room. On the other side is a mix of Theme Park view, Lagoon view and Standard view rooms. The reason it is mixed is because some of the rooms have a clear view of the lagoon and others are partial. Even the partial view is a nice one. This is the only longhouse on property with Standard view rooms that face the lagoon.


  • If you get a Standard view room on the north side you may have a partial view of the lagoon.
  • On the other side of the longhouse is a garden area with the monorail track.
  • You have a beach directly in front of the building that is never crowded.
  • You are a short walk to the Wedding Pavilion, Grand Floridian and Grand Floridian Spa and Fitness Center that is available to Polynesian guests.
  • You are very close to the Great Ceremonial House for food and shopping.


  • You are close to Luau cove which can be loud at night from the show.
  • If you end up on the south side of the building, you may get noise from the monorail. Neither noise has seemed loud to me but some have told me they did not like it.
  • You are the farthest walk back to the Transportation and Ticket Center (monorail to Epcot).
  • There is a road on the south side of the building that may cause some noise.
  • There are no king beds available.

Facts about Aotearoa, the island

The Maori of Aotearoa lived in tribes or Iwi, made up of descendants of a common ancestor. The costumes of dancers would tell through the colors and design which tribe they were from. In ancient times, a stranger was greeted by a warrior who would place a leaf on the ground.  If the visitor picked up the leaf, it meant he had come in peace.  If he did not, it meant he had come in war.  Today, visitors are welcomed with the hongi (rubbing or pressing of the noses.)

Facts about Aotearoa, the longhouse

Aotearoa 2015Aotearoa is a nice location and I can see why people like it. I have never been a fan of the longhouses on the Luau Cove side of the property but this does not mean you won't like it. I think it has a nice quiet beach to sit and relax at. Now with much of the beach near the pool and Hawaii being partly blocked by the bungalows, it makes this beach a nice location for viewing fireworks. 

It is a short walk to the luau, Wedding Pavilion and the movies on the beach next to the Pavillion. There can be some noise from the luau but some like to hear the music. It is a great spot to watch the monorail go by from your room. The Lagoon and Theme Park view rooms would not be my first pick just because they are tucked back away from the beach and would be farther then any of the other longhouses with those views.

You would be very close to the Great Ceremonial House but it would be one of the farther walks for the Transportation and Ticket Center at about 8- 10 minutes of walking depending on your speed.

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