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  • Native Name: Fiji
  • Local Greeting: Mbula
  • English Name: Fiji
  • Area: 7,056 sq mi
  • Population: 764,000
  • Longhouse Number: 3
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: June 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Standard
  • Close to: Luau cove, marina, and Great Cereminial House

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 3310

Roll in Shower 1322

Tub Rails 2322

Special Equipment 1302, 1307, 2307, 3307

Fiji is in a very nice location and you can't go wrong with the views on either side. You have rooms facing the Luau cove, beach and an angled view of the lagoon towards the Grand Floridian. On the other side you are right above the marina with a board walk between you and the water. Every time I have been to the Polynesian I have walked past these rooms and thought they would be nice to stay in. If you want to watch the activity of the resort and people watch this is a great longhouse to be in. If you want a quiet low-traffic area this is not a good building to ask for.


  • You will either have a view of the marina looking towards the Nanea pool and Marina or you will have a view of Luau cove and the Wedding Pavilion.
  • The third floor rooms have balconies.
  • The ground level rooms have patios.
  • You are very close to the Great Ceremonial House for food and shopping.
  • King beds are available in this longhouse.


  • You are close to Luau cove which can be loud at night from the show.
  • The second floor rooms do not have balconies.
  • The rooms that do have views of the lagoon cannot see the castle.
  • You must walk around the marina to get to the pools and boat to the Magic Kingdom.
  • Foot traffic around the marina can get heavy.
  • Some patios are closed off to the main path.

Facts about Fiji, the island

Fijian dancers walk barefoot over white hot coals without getting burned. Another custom is kava drinking, also known as yanqona, the mouth numbing drink. Some songs and dances today, known as MEKE, remember some of the women in Fiji history.

Facts about Fiji, the longhouse

fiji 2015Ever since my first visit to the Polynesian I use to think those rooms along the marina would be the coolest to stay in but I have never stayed in a room in Fiji longhouse. I think the views are great from both sides, especially for a Standard View price. After staying in Tuvalu (at the end of Fiji Longhosue) I was not a fan of walking around the marina every time I wanted to go to the pool or boat. The traffic of people and service carts can get heavy along the marina walkway. Also getting to the bus stop and Transportation and Ticket Center can be a long walk in comparison to the other longhouses on the east side of the marina. You are close to the Great Ceremonial House so that is another benefit. There is also a nice quiet beach near Fiji to enjoy relaxing or watching fireworks.

Fiji is one of the longhouses that had king beds added to some of the rooms.

CLICK HERE for a larger version of the floor plan.


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