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  • Native Name: Hawaii
  • Local Greeting: Aloha
  • English Name: Hawaii
  • Area: 6,423 sq mi
  • Population: 1,200,000
  • Longhouse Number: 5
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: Sep. 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Club Level Garden, Club Level Lagoon, Club Level Theme Park

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 1521, 2515, 3508

Roll in Shower 1530

Tub Rails 1513, 1514

Special Equipment 1517, 1529

Hawaii longhouse (Club Level rooms only) is in one of the best locations. You have the beach very close to the lagoon view side of the building and the Oasis pool next to the garden view rooms. The Lava pool is at the end of the longhouse. The boat dock and Great Ceremonial House are a short walk away making getting to transportation easy.


  • All of these rooms are club level and come with all the amenities that the club level has to offer (see Club Level page).
  • The Club level lounge and the concierge desk are located in this building.
  • You can get either a garden view room that looks towards the Oasis pool (which is usually about the same price as a standard Theme Park View room) or a lagoon and Theme Park view room that looks towards the castle and the Magic Kingdom.
  • The beach and the pool are right outside your door.
  • Hawaii has the best view of the Castle since it looks between the two islands out in the lagoon instead of over them like Aotearoa and Tuvalu.


  • The second floor rooms do not have balconies.
  • The price is higher than a standard room.
  • There are no king beds available.

Facts about Hawaii, the island

Hawai'i became the 50th state of the United States and is the 47th largest state. Most of the past monarchs and royal family are buried at the Royal Mausoleum, Hawai’i’s only sovereign ground now. Nainoa Thompson was a famous navigator. He traveled over 2400 miles from Hawai'i to Tahiti and back without using modern navigational equipment and tools proving that Polynesians were the world’s foremost navigators of the oceans.

hawaii2015cHawaii Garden view rooms

Garden View rooms in Hawaii are about the same price as a standard Theme Park View room so if you can live without the view of the lagoon and want some extra special treatment than you can book a garden view room in Hawaii Club level. The view is of the garden areas surrounding the Oasis Pool. Rooms at the very end toward the lounge can be a little noisy with the service elevator next to it and the view from the last room looks at part of the Samoa building. There is a large grass and garden area between most of the garden view rooms and the path to add some privacy. UPDATE AUGUST 2015 There are no longer Garden View Club rooms on the lagoon side of Hawaii.

For a larger version of the floor plan CLICK HERE

Hawaii Lagoon view rooms

Lagoon View rooms in Hawaii are some of the best views from a room in Disney World. There are a few that are partly blocked by trees either near the building or on the beach but there are only a few. All lagoon view rooms in all longhouses face the Magic Kingdom with most of them having great views of the lagoon, castle and other resorts as well as viewing of the fireworks and Electric Water Pageant which is not the case with lagoon view rooms at the Grand Floridian and Contemporary. more than half the room views at the Contemporary are of Bay Lake and more than half the Grand Floridian lagoon view rooms don't even face the Magic Kingdom. From your Hawaii lagoon view room you will enjoy the first showing each night of the Electric Water Pageant which other resorts have to wait till later in the night to view.

Hawaii Theme Park view rooms

These are on the Lagoon view side of Hawaii and are rooms that guarantee a view of the castle. This does not mean that Lagoon View rooms can't see the castle or are not still great rooms, these are just rooms that will have nothing obstructing your view of the castle when you are standing inside your room. This view was added late 2009 and went into affect 2010.







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