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Gone but not forgotten

This is my record of things that are gone from the resort. If you have photos and info about things you remember at the resort that are gone, please send them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  also tell me what you remember about them. I will add them to this page. 

As with everything, over time there is change. Well over the years some things at the Polynesian have come and gone. My history section tries to capture some of that but I thought it would be nice to add a page that shows some of the things that are now gone from the resort.

snackisleSnack Isle

Was located over between the old Arcade and the Tangaroa Terrace. It was a walk-up counter diner offering continental breakfast, light sandwiches and pizza from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. When Captain Cook's was being redone in 2006 it was moved over to this location temporarily.  

Coral Isle Café 

Now the location of Kona Cafe, it was once not so open of a cafe as it is now. Coral Isle Cafe was your less expensive location out of the 3 sitdown restaruants. It offered a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. 

cchideCaptain Cook’s Hideaway lounge

Captain Cook's started out as a lounge with cocktails and a small stage that had entertainment. You could also sit outside on the patio. Divided by a wall the other side of the lounge was an Ice Cream shop that you could make your own desserts. Later it became Captain Cook's Snack and Ice cream Company. After the ice cream was removed it became Captain Cook's Snack Company. Many call it Captain Hook's by mistake.

CaptainCooks5Captain Cook’s Hideaway lounge dockside patio

Cocktails were not only served inside but outside at the dockside lounge from 11am to 2am.
This patio was located just outside where the arcade is now and the soon to be kids wet play area.

"For guests desirous for a dark rendezvous and the strains of a haunting guitar, Captain Cooks Hideaway provides both, as well as an outside patio romantically bathed in soft candlelight." - Walt Disney World Vacationland, Spring 1973

Captain Cook’s Island Ice Cream Company

playground1999poly playgroundPlayground
At one time there was a playground located between the old Volcano pool and Hawaii longhouse. I am not sure if it was there from the begining or was added later. Maybe some remembers and can tell me. It was located about where the wet play area is now and was removed in 2000 when the new pool was being constructed  (photos thanks to Terri and Nick deWeerdt)

wavemachineThe Wave Machine

The wave machine was in operation off and on until about 1972. Later in 1985 it was tested again and eventually shut down for good and removed (not sunk) from Beachcomber Isle. 

barbThe “bob-a-round boats”

These four passenger, round boats with striped canopied bobbed around the Seven Seas Lagoon for a very brief period of time after Walt Disney World opened in 1971. 

ew1The Chinese junk the Eastern Winds

Enjoy cocktails in authentic Oriental atmosphere — aboard Walt Disney World’s Eastern Winds junk.

601233 589958894370783 871622511 nThe original Nanea pool



4-24-2013 9-12-30 AMThe original pool bar

When the new pool was built in 2001 the bar was incorporated into the side of the Volcano that houses the slide. It later bacame the location for things like hair wraps, daytime games and a Premium Cabana. There is a possibility that the future will move the marina rentals over into this area with some changes to the pool in 2014.

ssl-swimmingThe swim platform

Back before bacteria, boat traffic and alligators, you were allowed to swim in a designated area of the lake and there was a swim platform you could swim out to. (photo thanks to Jeff Lange)

lobby1973The checkerboard floor in the Great Ceremonial House



News from Civilization then called News From Polynesia
Village gifts
Polynesian Princess
Robinson Crusoe Esq.(Crusoe and Son)
Village Drugs and Sundries
shopsTrader Jack’s Grog Shop
Village Florist
The Pretty Wahine Beauty Shop
The Alii Nui Barber Shop


kinglounge2King Kamehameha concierge lounge

The lounge use to be located on the first floor of the Great Ceremonial House where BouTiki is before it moved to Hawaii longhouse from 1986 - 1994.

The concierge was an option you could add when booking a lagoon view room. Later once the lounge was build onto the end of Hawaii longhouse, you could no longer get concierge outside of that longhouse and the suites longhouse (Tonga). The concierge is not called King Kamehameha Club and is still located inside Hawaii longhouse. 

InstC06The Luau on the beach

Back before Luau cove was built the dinner show was done on the beach in about the same location as Luau Cove is now. This started with the first dinner show that was the opening ceremony for the resort on October 24, 1971. This date is the official birthday of the resort even though it opened on October 1, 1971. Luau Cove (the name of the building not the actual cove) was built in 1972 and had a portable kitchen they would bring from the Great Ceremonial House. Luau Cove was first built to seat 550 people and it evolved every year for the first few years. They added heating, wind screens and eventually a full kitchen. Photo from http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-it-was-done-part-four.html

 BowMask2The Polynesian War canoe 






moana2Moana Mickey’s Fun Hut

The arcade use to be located over in the building next to Tangaroa Terrace. This got smaller as the kids club moved from the Great Ceremonial House and into this building in 1988 but it did not move over into the Great Ceremonial House until 2006. It was removed in April 2014 and there will no longer be an arcade at the resort 

544522 638314436201895 1367156877 nPutting green 



Poly Bus stopThe old bus stop

The bus stop use to be out in front of the Great Ceremonial house until the built the current one in 2003


tangaroa22Tangaroa Terrace



polyluau4Papeete Bay Varandah

 'Ohana is now located here. This was where they served breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Polynesian Review putting on a show each night.  

1981ssr1South Seas Room



ChrisRathsackSunset Pointe



RobDAntuonoMatch books



NancyLesslie2Room key




Church Services at Luau Cove

The ticket booth on the monorail platform

The Mouseketeer Club (original baby sitting service)


The Polynesian has changed over the years and new things come as old things go. I added a photo album of past and current construction photos so we can see what things looked like as they change.

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