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19 Apr

Oasis Pool

received 10156667709695492The new Oasis Pool is the redesigned East Pool. Yes it is officially called the East Pool. Over the years guests nicknamed it the Quiet Pool but I learned early on not to call it the Quiet Pool. Long time Polynesian staff will tell you it was never called the Quiet Pool and they often corrected me when I called it that. Some of the newer Cast Members that do not know the history of the resort still call it the quiet pool. Some resorts have quiet pools that are intended to be quieter than the main themed pool or even adult only. Neither of these things ever applied to the East Pool and even at one point the East Pool had a small slide on the deck of the pool. It happened that it was often quieter than the Nanea pool because it was less popular.

received 10205879644729571It will probably remain quieter than the Lava Pool but I think its popularity went up. In late March 2016 the Oasis Pool opened to guests. The whole area was expanded and totally redesigned. Many thought the new pool looked like they reused the old pool but not only is it not even in the same location but it is slightly larger and has more features.

The new pool is the same depth as the East pool changed to in 2011 (4' 9" at thecenter and 3' at the wall on the opposite side of the zero entry) but they added some different features. The most drastic change was the zero entry at one end. Zero Entry is where the pool depth comes up to meet the level of the pool deck. In the zero entry area are bubblers. The edge of the pool is unique also. There is no hard edge. The pool level comes up to the level of the pool deck so there is just a drain around the edge to keep the water in. Also the pool is a saltwater pool system. You won’t really notice the salt because it is not like swimming in the ocean. It is just a different way to produce the chlorination without being as harsh.

The new pool area also has a large hot tub. The pool area is not open 24 hours like it used to be. The gates can be accessed from 7 AM to 11 PM.

received 10156667700130492The other addition to the Oasis Pool area is the Oasis Grill. The grill offers up different food options than any of the other places to eat at the resort and gives the resort another quick service option, including a mug refill station. The other thing that makes it different is the only way to access this area is with a room key or magic band that indicates you’re a guest of the Polynesian Village Resort. You can go up to the Grill window to order or some times of the year they will have servers going around the pool deck taking orders. The Grill hours are 11 AM to 5 PM. Some have reported that some food items were being served until 8 PM but I would not count on that being a regular thing since the posted hours have the grill closing at 5 PM.

received 10154148940808394Also added to the pool area is a full bar serving specialty cocktails. The bar serves from 11 AM to 8 PM as of today but there is word that will change soon to Noon to 9 PM. 

For more information about the pool or the food and drinks offered you can visit my pages



Gathering Place

received 1795721250655829So what is the Gathering Place? From 1971 until 2001 it was nothing but plants and some paths. When the Nanea pool was redesigned into the Volcano pool in 2001 the paths changed and a stream and bridge were added to the area. This stream was removed when work on the Lava pool started at the end of July 2014. The area where the stream was located would become what they called the Gathering Place. The original intent was to have it be a grass area for activities like hula lessons received 951315761648422and entertainment. It would also be the location for the Torch Lighting Ceremony and the night time movies which are currently happening in this area now. In the original plans they also had a new fire pit right outside the back of the Great Ceremonial House but in the end they did not move it to that area. You can still see it in the concept art.

2016-05-15 13-10-55The original grass put in did not survive very well and had been replaced a couple of times. Some people seem to have the feeling it was not meant to walk across but it was always meant to see foot traffic. Unfortunately it did not hold up well. In April 2016 they have removed the grass and put in the same type of artificial grass they have in the new hubs inside the Magic Kingdom that will be able to handle the traffic. Reports from guests say they have started to set up the movies on the grass area even before they replaced the grass with the artificial turf.

To me the stream was something that had not really been around long and while it was nice visually, it was not a functional area. Now people can enjoy the area without worry of damaging the lawn or getting muddy from the saturated grass.

You changed what?

mousesteps5 TongaOne of the favorites of the Polynesian resort since it was introduced at the Tangaroa Terrace is Tonga Toast. It is a thick cut of bread stuffed with bananas and deep fried (or baked if you ask for it) and then covered in cinnamon and sugar. It is now served at Kona Café or you can get it at Captain Cook’s. If you order it at Kona Café you can get it with a strawberry compote sauce to put over it. The difference between the order at Captain Cook’s and Kona Café is not only price ($5.19 at Captain Cook’s and $12.99 at Kona Café) but you can get it quicker at Captain Cook’s. You can get the Captain Cook’s version with sausage or bacon. At Kona Café you can get it with Sausage, Bacon or Ham and you get fruit with it also.

Lately people have been complaining it was not as good and many have even asked to swap it out for something else. I asked about it from some staff at the resort and they said that they not only changed bread vendors but they went away from the sourdough bread and are using a less expensive French bread. They say many servers are taking the brunt of the angry guests for this change. Great way to save a buck and make guests even more angry.

For the recipe to make your own go to my recipe page. Tonga Toast photo from Mousesteps.com


What you can find on my web site

2016-05-15 13-29-17There is so much to find on my pages that you may not even know about. At the top of the main page are pulldown menus that bring you to the different sections of the site. Clicking on “Home” or the Tikiman Logo will bring you back to the main page.

The first menu after “Home” is History. This section has history about the resort from before it was build all the way to now. The "Beginning" page has some documents and photos of the construction of the resort in an album at the bottom of the page. Most of the History information came from a set of documents I got from the Polynesian resort where they listed things that changed and during what year. Things like what was constructed added to or removed. Also things like when there was a Cast Member costume change or 2016-05-15 14-26-11restaurant change.  I have also added in history facts I have gotten from other Disney Sources or things I documented myself. At the end I started a collection of things that were there and are now gone. I am always looking for photos of some of the things I have listed to show people so if you have any to share you can send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There is also a photo album at the end with photos of construction or things being removed. To see the full album you need to click on the “View this photo set on Flickr” to get the full album.

The next Menu is the News section with all my articles, some trip reports and some Cast Member Stories from me and others who have visited. If you have a story about some Cast Members you want to share, send it to me. If you have some photos that can go along with that story, that is even better.

The Resort Menu is where most people find answers to things they want to know about the resort or to help plan a visit there. Under the Resort Menu are the following.

Arrival Just a little welcome page for guests to my site.


2016-05-15 14-37-59General Info All the information that you will find in the welcome packet like address, fax numbers, lost and found number, email and details about things all around the resort. This might be the first place to look for an answer about the resort.

Transportation This page is to help explain the transportation options at the Polynesian and how they are different from the other monorail resorts.

Activities On this page is a list of the free and pay activities you can enjoy at the Polynesian Village Resort and the times they occur. There is also information about jogging, fitness, spa, kids club, Marina Rental and laundry.

Pools This page will show you the current pools and some info about the past pools.

Shopping There are only a few shops left at the resort but this will give you an idea of what is available there.

Disabilities I have tried to understand what the Polynesian has to offer for those with disabilities. I am always happy to hear from those who have used some of the special features of the rooms or the resort. I have put the things I know about on this page and each longhouse page also shows what rooms have special amenities in them.

Dining On this page is a link to each place that serves food or drinks with some information about each one. At the bottom of this section is a collection of some of the food and drink recipes that I have been able to find or that I was given from the staff at the resort.

DVC This section was created once the information about DVC became public. This section is still growing with the help of my DVC expert Duane. There is some news and timeline information as well as some helpful information on if DVC might be right for you. I also moved the Longhouses Moorea, Pago Pago and Tokelau over to this section since they are no longer part of the regular resort rooms. You will find information, pros and cons and a photo album in each longhouse page. The Bungalow information and some Aulani stuff can be found here also.

2016-05-15 14-41-26Longhouses One of the most popular pages is the Longhouse page. It has each of the longhouses with pros and cons as well as maps of each floor and room. There are also maps showing the location of the longhouse at the resort and some walking times to get to different things if you click on it. At the bottom of each page is a photo album that I add to every time someone sends me photos of their room view. Because of how the Flickr Album works you cannot see the tag on the photo by clicking on the photo on my page but you can click on the “View this photo set on Flickr” and it will take you to the full album. When you look at the view photos in the full album you can see the room number with the photos. The Tonga Suites have a page here also and will show you some photos and floor plans of the different Suites.

Planning The last page under the Resort Menu has the most information to help you plan.
Getting Around This page will show you that the Polynesian Village Resort is not that large. The whole resort walking from the TTC path to the Luau is only about a 7 minute walk at a normal pace. There are some resort walk times and some information on how convenient to Epcot the Polynesian can actually be compared to my stays at Epcot Resorts.

Special Occasions This page has some information on ways to celebrate special occasions or have things ordered to your room.

Club Level or Standard I intended this page to be of some assistance in deciding if you would want to stay Club Level or not. People always ask if it is worth it but that question can only be answered with a opinion, not facts on if you get the value out of the cost. This was my best shot at trying to help answer that question and be the first decision you make before booking a trip.

Club Level If you decide Club Level is for you or you want to try it then this page will give you information on what to expect as well as Club Level only contact information.

Rooms and Rates This page will show you the different types of rooms and amenities in the rooms at the Polynesian. There is also a photo album to show you what the current rooms look like since the 2013 renovation. There is also a list of the rack rates for this year.

2016-05-15 16-10-53Which Longhouse? This is the question I get asked the most since I started my pages in 1999. Answering this is not easy because there are many great rooms and many people have different opinions on what they like the best. Just because I know the resort so well does not mean my favorites will be yours. I decided to put this page together to show people where the different view rooms were located, what the different views meant and some information that will hopefully guide you to a good decision based on what you like. I do give my picks at the bottom but take it for what it is worth. There is also some information about requesting rooms and about Touring Plans Fax Request system.

Booking your Trip Just some links and information I have on places I have used when I book my trips.

Tipping There are always questions about how and when to tip so I put this together to help people know what positions should be tipped and what should not. Much of this information came from staff at Disney.

2016-05-15 16-21-15My last Menu is for all my links. These are sites of people I know and use their sites for information or they just offer up good stuff.

At the bottom of all my pages is a player you can launch to play the music that use to be around the resort. There are a few tracks from the new music also.

There is also a place to donate if you want to support the site. If you donate to the site and book a trip through Magical Vacations, make sure you send me an email and let me know. Something special will be coming your way.

Make sure to check back to see what has been updated.

Construction update

received 10207220917733853Work continues on the supports around the longhouses. Samoa, Niue, Rarotonga, the Garden side of Hawaii and the monorail side of Aotearoa are done. The Lagoon side of Aotearoa and the Marina side of Fiji are under construction. There have been 3 permits also filed last month for work on Rarotonga and Niue (work unknown) and permits for exterior construction and electrical to all 8 Hotel longhouses (non DVC). Permints can be filed months or even more than a year before the work is to be done so there is no schedule as to when this will start or complete.

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