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01 Nov

IMG_5553Our 2011 trip was unlike any other trip we had taken. It was the first time in a long time it was just the 3 of us. It was also my first time in October and my first time during the Food and Wine Festival. So much happened on this trip it has taken me months to sort it all out and this is my report of that visit. This was also a special trip to be there when my wife, Disney World and the Polynesian all turned 40 on the same day. 

13 Apr
scan0001The year is 2000 and I am bringing my then girlfriend to Disney World for the first time. I had been visiting since 1983 but she had only been to Disneyland. The Polynesian Resort had always been a favorite of mine because of my interest in Hawaii so I decided it would be the perfect place for this special story to happen.   
10 Apr

PICT0222This trip was special for many reasons. It was our first anniversary and our first time staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We has visited the lodge the year before after it opened and ate at Jiko. We really wanted to stay there so we booked our anniversary to be a split stay with the Polynesian. It was also special for us because my Mom and Aunt would be joining us later in the trip. My Aunt was battling cancer and wanted to get back to Disney World and as we suspected it was her last trip. It made our anniversary special to enjoy it with my Mother and Aunt.

10 Apr
Our annual trip to Disney World was starting to become bi-annual. In 2003 we purchased a new timeshare in Maui so it looks like the trend is going to be every other year in Disney World but we still make it to Disneyland here in California in the off years. This time we are taking along a friend who has never been to Disney World and that is always fun to get someone who has no idea what to expect. We also met our very good friends the Robb's this trip. This was also the trip Tara was about 2 months pregnant. 
10 Apr

I got a call from my Disney friend who was out in Florida to pack up Lucky the Dinosaur to ship to Hong Kong Disney. He wanted to see if I would come on out and spend a few days in Disney World. I had to pay for the trip but the idea was to spend some time with my friend while he was not working. I thought it would be a good chance to get to see the new room design at the Polynesian since they were about to open up the new rooms. This would be my first “research” trip without the family.

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