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  • Native Name: Niue
  • Local Greeting: Fakaalofa
  • English Name: Niue
  • Area: 100 sq mi
  • Population: 2,000
  • Longhouse Number: 7
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: March 2013
  • Next rehab: 2015
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Standard

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 2703

Roll in Shower 1703

Niue is a great location if you want to be close to most of the activities at the resort. It is the smallest longhouse and is the only 2 story longhouse. The Great Ceremonial House is right next to it and there is a pool on each side. Right outside the west side of the Longhouse is the Gathering Place where they do movies on the patch of turf. On the far side of the Gathering Place is the Pineapple Lanai and Captain Cook's.


  • It is not a large building and it is in a great location being right next to the Great Ceremonial House
  • Both pools are on either side of the longhouse.
  • There are Handicap Accessible rooms located in this building that give close access to many things.


  • There are no balconies on the second floor and this is the only building without an elevator.
  • For access to the second floor you can use the Rarotonga elevator and walk across the upper deck connecting the Rarotonga to Niue.
  • There may be quite a bit of traffic along the path between the building and the pool and the Island Guide golf carts travel next to this building alot.
  • There are no king beds available.

Facts about Niue, the island

Niue is famous for the chasms, caves and crevices for divers, spelunkers and explorers. Two of Niue's highlights are: Matapa Chasm where Niue royalty used to bathe and Arches of Tavala where colorful formations take one's breath away.

Facts about Niue, the longhouse

Niue 2015Niue is forgotten a lot of the time. Even sometimes I forget what a great location it has. It is in as good a location as Samoa with not as good a view of the pool and lagoon but still a nice view of the East pool. With it being only two stories and not having balconies on the upper floor some people get turned off from wanting to request it but it really is a great location if you don’t want to walk much or have someone who can’t walk far. Also you will hear that there is no elevator in this longhouse but the elevator in Rarotonga is just inside the door across the attached walkway on the second floor so it is not far from the Niue rooms at all.

With the Gathering Place on the west side of Niue it could be a good thing or a bad thing. There will be some noise from things like torch lighting, Hula lessons and Movies at night but then it might be nice to sit on your patio and enjoy these things from your room. Many people have reported enjoying how close it was to the Pineapple Lanai and Captain Cook's to walk from their patio over and grab some food or snacks.

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