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  • Native Name: Samoa
  • Local Greeting: Talofa
  • English Name: Samoa
  • Area: 1,177 sq mi
  • Population: 204,000
  • Longhouse Number: 6
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: Aug. 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Standard

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 2617, 2618

Tub Rails 1617, 1618

Samoa is also a very popular longhouse because of its location and the side facing the Lava pool actually has a lagoon view off to the side. The other side looks onto the Oasis Pool. It is also close to everything. It is one of the most requested longhouses because of it being close to the pools and transportation as well as a very short walk to the Great Ceremonial House.


  • It is in a great location between Niue and Hawaii club level building.
  • It is very close to the Great Ceremonail House with the Lava pool on one side and the Oasis pool on the other.
  • You can see part of the lagoon if your room is on the side where the Lava pool is.
  • There are King bed rooms that face the Oasis Pool.


  • There are no balconies on the second floor.
  • There may be quite a bit of traffic along the path between the building and the pool.
  • This building is the most requested so getting it might be difficult.

Facts about Samoa, the island

Western Samoa is independent, American Samoa is under the U.S. But prior to colonization, the system of titles was in place. Along with the concept of MATAI. Under the Matai system, everything was at the beck and call of a chief. The Samoan way of life was almost a life of consecration, a life of giving almost everything you have to your superiors. This even extended into the family structure as well.

samoa 2015b

Facts about Samoa, the Longhouse

Samoa would be top 1 or 2 (now that Tokelau is DVC) on my list of requests if I were staying standard view. I love its location and walking right out of the building and to the pool is a big plus for me. Now Samoa is the most requested longhouse and I think it is not only because of its great location and view but I also think it is because everyone that goes there usually walks past it and figures next time they will request that location. I think many guests at the Polynesian don’t see half the longhouses. I always suggest that when you stay there, walk the resort and see what you like or don’t like in a longhouse for yourself and don’t rely on someone else’s opinion.

Samoa is also one of the few longhouses to get king beds in some of the rooms.

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