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There is much to do at the Polynesian but some love to shop and there are some nice things to browse or buy. Browsing the Polynesian shops is sort of like shopping in Adventurland but with much better food options close by.

Many guests from other resorts take a trip over to the Polynesian just to shop.


IMG_0139There use to be a few different stores. A few of them were combined and put into one large store called BouTiki. BouTiki has gifts with a tropical feel and items for the whole family. There is even many items IMG_0142with the Polynesian logo available. There are sections of the store that have Disney character wear and some more expensive items like Tommy Bahama and Quicksilver.

Boutiki is open from 8- 11 PM. 

Moana Mercantile

8-28-2014 7-34-45 AMOn the second floor is Moana Mercantile. This use to be Trader Jack's. There is plenty of Disney Character merchandise in this store as 8-28-2014 7-35-09 AMwell as gifts, toys and stamps. There are also food items and sundries similar to what was offered at Samoa Snacks. 

Many of the Disney Character items and toys can now be found down on the first floor at Boutiki so if you don't find it at Moana Mercantile than try downstairs.

gch0606There is a pin trading cart located just outside Moana Mercantile next to the exit from the monorail.

It has been mentioned that in the redesign of the Great Ceremonial House that there will be a new shop in the location of the pin trading cart. This is also the current location for Photopass.  

IMG_0144IMG_0146Part of Moana Mercantile is an area that use to be the old Samoa Snacks. This is where you can buy Sundries, liquors, wines, beer, juices, sodas and snacks, but I put it with the shopping because you can get newspapers, magazines, stamps, paperbacks, kitchen items and sun tan lotion. New items were added because of the kitchens in the DVC units.

Moana Mercantile is open from 8-11 PM.


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