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Tonga Suites

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  • Native Name: Tonga
  • Local Greeting: Malo e leilei
  • English Name: Tonga
  • Area: 301 sq mi
  • Population: 94,500
  • Longhouse Number: 1 (Suites)
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: Aug. 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room views: Lagoon Club Level Suites & Garden Club Level Suites

Handicap Accessible rooms

Roll in Shower 6

Tonga is a building not many will ever stay in unless they have $1000-$4000 a night to spend on a room. This is supposedly a favorite of many famous people and famous families like the Kraft family and stars like Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. As you enter the glass doors etched with bird of paradise, you feel very welcome. The hallways are lined with bamboo. Tonga also has its own concierge desk and lounge. Tonga suites got a facelift to all the rooms in 2012. The single room that was called Concierge Suite (aka Honeymoon Suite or One bedroom Suite)  was changed from two queens to a King Bed and a a Jacuzzi tub was added. This room is at the corner next to the King Kamehameha suite and was used as an add-on room to the King Kamehameha suite.

The only other significant change is that the first floor Princess Suite was reconfigured to be completely Handicapped Accessible. Also in 2013 the lounge area for snacks and drinks was expanded with more items and a new design. The lounge area got a huge update late in 2013 with a new concierge desk and more items to enjoy.


  • All of these rooms are concierge suites and come with all the amenities that the concierge has to offer (see concierge services page).
  • You could have a view of the marina and some rooms see the castle.
  • Most rooms have separate bedrooms, living rooms, and more than one bathroom.
  • It has its own concierge lounge and desk and you have access to the lounge for food offerings over in Hawaii longhouse. 
  • The soaps and lotions (by H2o) that are offered in the rooms are upgraded from what is offered in the rest of the resort. 


  • The main concierge lounge is located in the Hawaii longhouse.
  • The rooms facing the south may get noise from the monorail and the south view is not very good.
  • These rooms cost from a lot and just your room tax could be hundreds a night.
  • Now when you book a suite your reservation will usually say “King Kamehameha Club” but this does not mean you were upgraded to the king Kamehameha suite room. This is just how they designate the Club Level rooms in the suites.

The lounge

2014-12-08 9-11-02IMG9533206The offerings at the lounge located in Tonga are not the same as what is offered at Hawaii's lounge but it has many of the same things. There are no hot appetizers in the evening at Tonga (except when Hawaii was closed for refurbishment) but they have some nice offerings so that you don't always have to take a walk over to Hawaii. Breakfast offerings are all the same but the oatmeal offered at Tonga is not cooked. They offer the oatmean in packets.

Facts about Tonga, the island

Tonga's canoes were unique in several ways: they were double canoes, the largest of any in Polynesia up to 100 ft. long and capable of carrying several hundred people. Tonga was also known for their sandalwood and milo wood carvings and tapa cloth from the bark of the paper mulberry tree. 

Honeymoon Suite


The Honeymoon Suite, located on the first floor on the end towards Aotearoa, use to be an add-on room for the King Kamehameha suite. it is slightly smaller than a standard room (386 sq-ft) but has a view toward the marina. The view is nice but not a view of the castle. The end of Tuvalu just cuts off the view of the castle from this room. You do have a patio to sit out on and enjoy the view. 

Floorplan to the left is from the original Polynesian documents and is before the remodel so the bathroom configuration is slightly different now with the jacuzzi tub. They did a nice job with the update to the room in 2011 and even with the big bed it seems like there is still a lot of room. The room has a king bed but no day bed. The room also is priced about the same as a Lagoon view concierge room. They added a new Keurig coffee maker which is a nice way to make a hot beverage. Also the suites have upgraded soaps and lotions similar to what is offered at the Grand Floridian.  

Princess suite

Here is an inside look at the Princess Suite. This suite comes in a one bedroom and a two bedroom suite.

P1__2Q_1DaybedThe one bedroom Princess Suite looks the same without the second bedroom. The one bedroom suite is 382 sq-ft. with a 1 bath suite, two queens. The parlor is 378 sq-ft and includes a daybed, wet bar and refrigerator. It is located on the Marina side, upper floor of Tonga and has a view of the castle from its balcony. This floorplan is from the Polynesian records from a few years ago. The furniture is different now but it is still listed as sleeping the same amount of guests.


P6__4Q1DaybedThe two bedroom Princess Suite has a second bedroom added on that is 452 sq-ft with 2 queens and its own bathroom. All bathrooms have 2 sinks. This room is located on the Marina side of Tonga on the first floor and has enclosed Patios with views of the castle.  



Ambassador Suite


Here is an inside look at the Ambassador Suite. There are two of these. One is on the 1st floor and the other is right above it on the 2nd floor and both are a garden view. The floorplan is from before the remodel. They removed the fold out of the wall bed from the room and also made the ground floor suite handicap accessible. The upper room has a large balcony and the lower room has a large back yard area. The suites come with a master bedroom with a King bed (386 sq-ft.), a second bedroom with 2 queens (452 sq-ft.) and a parlor (675 sq-ft.). All three rooms have bathrooms. The parlor also has a mini-kitchen, small refrigerator, ice maker, small microwave and sink.

King Kamehameha Suite


The king of all suites is the King Kamehameha Suite that is also located on the marina side of the Tonga Longhouse on the first and second floor.

This suite is 1863 sq-ft and has two bedrooms 3 1/2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. You can add on 3 additional bedrooms to this suite. The king bedroom is 452 sq-ft and has a CD player and DVD player. The second bedroom is 386 sq-ft. Both have their own bathrooms and the King has a master suite bathroom and an additional bathroom.

The master suite bathroom includes a whirlpool bath and bidet. The parlor includes a mini-kitchen, small refrigerator, icemaker, small microwave, dishwasher.


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