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  • Native Name: Tuvalu
  • Local Greeting: Talofa
  • English Name: Ellice Islands
  • Area: 9.4 sq mi
  • Population: 9,000
  • Longhouse Number: 4
  • Built: 1971
  • Last rehab: Aug. 2015
  • Next rehab: N/A
  • Room size: 415 ft²
  • Room views: Standard, Lagoon, Theme Park

Handicap Accessible rooms

Hearing 1418, 2412 

Tuvalu is one of the smaller longhouses but can be a nice location. I stayed in a lagoon view room in this longhouse in 1998 and it was much different than my stay in Tahiti. Most lagoon view rooms have access to the beach but Tuvalu has a roped off area that drops off to the water. The nice thing about this is there is nothing between you and the water view. The standard view rooms do not have the best view but you are close to many of the common areas. While some complain that the music from the Spirit of Aloha Show is too loud, others find it adds to the evening atmosphere.


  • These rooms on the lagoon side are very private and have a clear view of the lagoon.
  • There is a nice beach right next to it.
  • The third floor rooms have balconies.
  • The ground level rooms have patios.
  • Lagoon side rooms can see the fireworks and the Electric Water Pageant. Since Moorea was converted to Disney Vacation Club rooms, Tuvalu is the best lagoon and Theme Park view rooms on property.


  • You are close to Luau cove which can be loud at night from the show.
  • The view of the castle from some rooms are partly blocked by Beachcombers Island.
  • The second floor rooms do not have balconies.
  • There are no king beds in this longhouse.
  • Although right across from the Lava pool you must walk around the marina to get to the pool and the boat to the Magic Kingdom.
  • Many of the Standard view rooms in this longhouse look right at the end of Fiji Longhouse and are the least desirable of the standard views on property.

Facts about Tuvalu, the island

The population of Tuvalu is 9,000. Only 8 of the 9 islands were inhabited until 1940 when the last one was conquered, giving it the name Tuvalu or "Eight standing together". Most of the inhabitants are Polynesian and speak Tuvaluan, a language closely related to Samoan.

Facts about Tuvalu, the Longhouse

tuvalu 2015With the removal of Moorea for Disney Vacation Club, that leaves Aotearoa and Tuvalu as the only non-club level lagoon and Theme park view rooms. Aotearoa views are not bad but set the farthest back out of all the longhouses with these views. That leaves Tuvalu now as your best view of the lagoon and castle.

I sort of liked the little grass area that went up to the water’s edge but I don’t think it would be a good idea for little kids and the one thing that really turned me off of staying in Tuvalu was walking around the marina to get to the pool or the boat. I think people have heard me gripe about this a million times but it was one of the few things that really irritated me during my stay at the Polynesian. Not that it is that far but the traffic along the marina with people and service carts can get crazy and I much rather walk out of my room in Hawaii or Samoa then walk around the marina.

The standard view side of Tuvalu has some rooms that are not too bad out at the ends but the rooms in the middle look right at the end of Fiji longhouse and I would not want to be in personally. The beach next to Tuvalu is now the largest beach with an unobstructed view of the lagoon and fireworks with Tahiti beach and Hawaii Beach blocked by bungalows.

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